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The QuickBooks® for Contractors blog, is focused on providing short, simple articles and productivity tips to help you get the most out of QuickBooks® in your construction business!

The construction industry still requires an enormous amount of “paperwork” to keep track of everything, as a result, many contractors and/or their bookkeepers end up creating Excel spreadsheets – because Excel is quick and flexible; or they don’t know how to make a task happen in QuickBooks®.

As the business grows and changes, this results in an overwhelming amount of data that must be kept updated – located in different programs or locations – making it impossible to see the overall picture in one place.

Do you wonder if your QuickBooks® job costing reports are providing you with accurate information? Perhaps:

Your QuickBooks® Profit & Loss by Job reports only show a single dollar amount in Cost of Goods Sold and Payroll Expenses & you need/want more detail
You want to track a lot of detail in your QuickBooks® Estimate for job costing purposes; but have customers who want so see only a summary invoice when you bill them
Your bookkeepers says “I don’t know how to make QuickBooks® show you more detail on job costing reports” or “QuickBooks® can’t do that”
You are so frustrated and uncertain that you are spending hours updating complex Excel spreadsheets trying to get the job costing numbers you need – or worse yet, you are trying to keep it all in your head!
You think that switching to a costly, constructions specific software MIGHT be the answer

Wondering where all the cash is going?

Some of the important topics we cover:

Be a better bookkeeper

Stop wasting time manually creating Excel spreadsheets to track job costing. Learn to make QuickBooks WORK for you!

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QuickBooks® & Certified Payroll

Creating certified payroll reports using QuickBooks® payroll information requires careful setup. You won’t find these tips in the QuickBooks® Help file.

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QuickBooks® Payroll Tips

Payroll is one of the MOST critical pieces of your business and you need to get those payroll dollars into your QuickBooks® job costing reports!

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QuickBooks® Setup & Cleanup

QuickBooks® provides a very basic Chart of Accounts and Items List for General Contractors and Specialty Trades – BUT it’s up to you to customize them.

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QuickBooks® Job Costing

Money doesn’t grow on trees and neither does your profit on a construction project! Learn about QuickBooks job costing capabilities

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Questions from our readers

Working with QuickBooks® can sometimes be SO FRUSTRATING. Especially when you are trying to do a specific task and can’t find any information on how to do it!

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Articles from the blog

QuickBooks – Print function disabled for W2’s, 1099’s, etc.
January 2, 2017

A recent QuickBooks Payroll Update has caused the Print function to be disabled for W-2’s, 1099’s and all quarterly/year end reports. You can save them to PDF and then print them to your printer, but it’s an extra step and a PIA.

Someone literally stole our content!
November 3, 2016

What I absolutely detest is when one of these so-called “peers” comes to this site and copies word for word (right down to to the graphics/pictures I used) posts that I’ve put up here and put them on THEIR website and claiming it as their own content!

QuickBooks Desktop vs Intuit Online Payroll – Free Webinar
QuickBooks Desktop vs Intuit Online Payroll – Free Webinar
May 9, 2015

Join Nancy Smyth – Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. and Kim Shannon – Off-Site Business Services on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central) for a FREE 1-hour webinar discussing the payroll options available to Quickbooks users – Desktop vs Intuit Online Payroll.

Stop throwing money down the drain! Automate critical certified payroll & AIA® Type billing tasks