I want unlimited free training…

but I’m charging my client

Ok, this one just totally drives me “INSANE”!

We come into contact with some ProAdvisors and the like that have never dealt with a commercial construction client and know absolutely nothing about certified payroll, aia billing, or using QuickBooks in the commercial construction industry.

Ok, so I know that there isn’t much in the way of QuickBooks training out their for this kind of situation – what I know I learned the hard way with lots of long, hard unbillable hours….but PLEASE don’t call us up wanting free training and for us to teach you everything we know for FREE while you bill your customer for your “training time”!

That is just so wrong!

If you want to become knowledgeable about using QuickBooks in the commercial construction industry, vist our On-Line Support Area and avail yourself of ALL the FREE TRAINING I’ve already provided!