Synching data on two computers

I seem to constantly be working on two computers. I usually work on my laptop in the wee hours of the morning at the comfort of my dining room table and then I come to the office to really start my day and work on the “big computer”.

The problem always had been on how to keep the two computers synched, not an easy task.  I was driving myself nuts using Window’s “briefcase”, but the folders that I store my most often used “stuff” were so big that “briefcase” didn’t always do the trick.

Low and behold, one day I’m reading the latest issue of PCWorld and there is a full page ad for a program called GoodSync (

According to the article,  GoodSync was specifically designed to keep 2 or more computers synched automatically, eliminating ME.

So I downloaded the free trial – yes I like FREE TRIALS as well as you, linked the computers (choosing which computer had the “master folder” and which computer was the secondary one) and pretty much told it to “compare the folders” every time that both computers were up and running and to update which ever one had out of date files on it.

Works like a charm, even when both computers have new files that the other does not have.

I liked it so much that I spent the $29.95 for the paid version and will be synched  happily ever after!

2 thoughts on “Synching data on two computers

  • Nancy,

    That progam is on my list to try as well, glad to hear you liked it so much you purchased it! I know that is the ‘real’ seal of approval 🙂 I have also been trying the new Microsoft program (Windows Live Sync) … it’s free and so far it’s pretty easy – but I haven’t really put it through the paces yet.

    Rox 🙂

  • Hi Rox
    I haven’t tried Windows Live Sync – probably because I was afraid of how it would (or wouldn’t) work between my Vista laptop and my XP machine.

    But I will say that I ABSOLUTELY love GoodSync. I set it up so that when I booted the XP machine it would look for the laptop across the network and if the laptop was on it would analyze and then sync the folders. If the laptop isn’t on first thing and later in the day I boot up the laptop – GoodSync goes out and does it’s stuff.

    All this leave me – the middleman – out of the picture! No more Windows Briefcase syched with a jump drive and 2 computers…..THAT was INSANE.

    Well worth the investment, IMHO


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