What does the Sunburst Support Area need?

As our website evolves and our customer and newsletter subscriber base grows, we wonder what else our website needs.

We’ve noticed that an increasing number of “QuickBooks consultants” {ProAdvisors, CPA’s, Intuit Solution Providers, etc} have been signing up for our newsletter; and that has got me to “thinking” about a “Consultant’s Corner” section of the Support Area – but what types of articles do you need?

For all who visit our Support Area, please feel free to post comment/requests on what types of articles and training you would like to see made available.


2 thoughts on “What does the Sunburst Support Area need?

  • Hi John
    Thanks for the post, but oh this is a loaded question, and I’ll warn you right from the get go that I’m VERY OUTSPOKEN!

    There are a LOT of reasons for going the ProAdvisor route:

    Cost of the ProAdvisor membership includes free NFR software each year – Pro, Premier, Enterprise and a subscription to the on-line version.
    If you do payroll, you can get Enhanced Payroll at a discount when you combine it with your ProAdvisor Membership
    You can become part of the Intuit Affiliate Program and receive a commission each time one of your customers purchases an Intuit product through a link on your site – your customer will also receive a discount on the purchase
    Once you go through the “certification test” your name will be listed on the “Find a ProAdvisor” website.
    As a ProAdvisor you get free tech support – I’m pretty sure it’s still US based support

    Personally I think that those are the reason that most people become ProAdvisors, as it helps them generate business and income, without having to spend a lot of money up front. I’ve even heard people say that it’s worth becoming a ProAdvisor just to get the free software and support.

    It used to be, and again this is MY opinion, that being a ProAdvisor meant something – this was back when the ProAdvisor Program first came for QuickBooks 2000. Then being a ProAdvisor made you “stand out in a crowd” because there weren’t a lot of us – Yes I’ve been a ProAdvisor since the program was first implemented and have used and supported Intuit products since 1986; first Quicken and then QuickBooks.

    Now it seems that everybody and their brother is a ProAdvisor, and if you live in a populated area there may already be a ton of you to choose from. Now perhaps if you live in the boonies like I do, it would be beneficial…..

    Today the big distinction is being an “Advanced” Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, an Enterprise Certified, or an Intuit Solutions Provider. More testing and with higher standards.

    Even if you do go the route of becoming “certified”, I would still suggest that you pick up a couple of good “missing manual” books and study the heck out of them.

    Well, if you’ve survived this response (I did try and be nice) and have more questions please feel free to ask.

    Have a great day!

  • John Sherman


    See my other post, I think there is a need for people like myself trying to decide if being a QB advisor is worth the trouble.
    I mean, shoot why not just pick up a couple of good “missing manual” books and study the heck out of them?
    I have a MBA and been working in accounting now for close to 10 years. Never, used Quickbooks, but see the need for what I want to be.

    What say you?



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