ProAdvisor Certification “testing”

Well, I’ve finally found some quite time to go take my ProAdvisor Certification “test” – I’ve been a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2000, when the program first was established by Intuit.

I’ve taken this test 8 years in a row now, and I swear it’s changed little – oh sure, they do put in a few questions about new features found in QuickBooks each year, but overall it’s the same darn test I’ve taken since the inception.  How sad!

I “used” to think that being a “Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor” actually meant something, now I feel that it means that somebody was able to pass the test (open book format), with less than 20 attempts.  Yup, that’s right, you can take this open book test 20 times before you absolutely, positively have to pass it in order to be “certified”.

The unfortunate thing about the test is that it’s all “theory” and we all know that in “theory” everything is always perfect.

I understand that the testing for the Advanced ProAdvisor status is more difficult and at least provides some practical application……….guess I’ll give that a whirl next……

So as a business owner, I’d like to leave you with this tidbit to file away…next time someone tells you that they are a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor; think open book test, 20 attempts to pass – and ask them how long they have been “certified”.