Nancy’s “Big” Adventure – or Upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate Final Release

A little over a week ago (or was it two???  I’ve lost all track of time), as part of our Microsoft Certified Partner benefits, we received the “Final Release” version of Windows 7.

Frankly this is amazing – we actually have a final release of “something” a full month before it will start hitting the computers of our customers who have to purchase new computers!

Kudo’s to Microsoft for LONG beta testing periods and a “real” early access program!

Last week I rid my test machine of the Windows 7 Release Candidate and restored it back to it’s original configuration of running Windows Vista Home Premium – 64 bit.  That was an easy task since I had created a “Recovery CD”.  Just popped the CD in the drive and followed the prompts and I was right back to where I started before I installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate.  Sweet……..

Roughly 10 plus  days ago, Intuit released purchasing availability to it’s ProAdvisors – and frankly I’m not sure if I should (or am allowed) to disclose this date publicly or not.  So for now I’ll keep my typing fingers in check.  But stay tuned!

I do know that we’ve already been contacted (before the announcement to ProAdvisors) by some of our Enterprise customers asking if we felt that our software (which they own) would continue to work as it always had with the new version of QuickBooks; I’m sure these questions arise because Intuit has notified them that they must confirm their mailing address so that the new version could be shipped out.

I admit that I was saddened to have to say that, while there “shouldn’t” be any problems; I felt that I had to honestly we were not ready to make a statement one way or the other, because we were still testing with an early beta release.  Now bear in mind that the folks who have called are the one’s that Murphy seems very fond of – you know the folks – the ones that if something is going to happen to somebody – well it’s them; and things that “shouldn’t” have caused an issue – did; and now they are just gun shy.

"Murphy"As “Murphy” (as in “Murphy’s Law” – any of you who have an Irish background will probably know Murphy personally) would have it, nothing ever comes in batches, but rather all at once.  As  have final release versions of Windows 7 and QuickBooks 2010 and we’ll be testing like mad fiends for the next couple of weeks, updating manuals, etc.

We’ll keep you informed of our progress, so if you’d like continued updates – no more than daily (unless I really get on a roll or a rant) – sign up to the RSS feeds here on our blog.

“Murphy” owes me a drink or two when this is done!

5 thoughts on “Nancy’s “Big” Adventure – or Upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate Final Release

  • Larry Monteiro

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  • Are you the “same Murphy” pictured above doing the jig? If so, thank you for not inflicting me with “the law” during my upgrade experience 🙂

    If you aren’t that “Murphy”, welcome anyway!

    On a slightly more serious note – thanks for dropping by and I believe that I can finish your sentence………

    So, ready or NOT, here we go!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m Murphy… nice work. I agree with Charlie. I’ve not recommended bleeding edge anything for 20+ years. However, I get the calls after the client’s “download, upgrade and go for it” spontaneity kicks in. You almost have to admire them for that. So, ready or not….

  • Nancy – as a ProAdvisor (and as a participant in the Intuit beta test of QB 2010), my recommendation every year is to NOT switch over to a new release of QuickBooks when it comes out each year. The R1 release ALWAYS has some problems. Last year there was a big problem that made many people switch back to the prior product (if they could), for example.

    I consider the R1 release a broader “field test” release. It is thrown out to the general public, and Intuit works hard to fix the problems that people find. Some of those fixes may already be underway even before they publicly release R1.

    I always tell my clients that they want to wait until R2 or even R3 before considering a switch. Don’t be on the bleeding edge unless there is something in the new release that is worth the risk…

  • Charlie
    I couldn’t agree with you more! But unfortunately clients/customers don’t always “listen” or are urged by others that this is the thing to do – until they find out it isn’t!

    Thanks for the confirmation that immediate upgrades aren’t always the best thing to do.

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