What’s New In QuickBooks 2010?

I’m sure you all have been reading snippets of information on the web and quite possibly you’ve been receiving marketing literature from Intuit about the release of QuickBooks 2010.

Well, it’s official. You can order QuickBooks 2010 beginning September 28, 2009 – directly from Intuit or through the Affiliate Page on our website at a discount of 10-20% – visit https://www.sunburstsoftwaresolutions.com/order-quickbooks.htm

Usually, with the official QuickBooks release announcement, we also release  our own independent “Annual Review” of the new features (and what we think of them) that are in the new version of QuickBooks.

Our Review of What’s New In QuickBooks 2010 will not be so timely this year, we have had a VERY tight time frame in which to test and work with a Final Release version – just a little over a week; so we felt that it was more important to FIRST ensure that our software would work as “expected” by our customers – before focusing on a comprehensive write-up of new features.

Below is a partial list of the new features & functionality that we’ve found in QuickBooks 2010 and we will be releasing our “What’s New In QuickBooks 2010” on October 5, 2009; watch for announcements here and on the “Home Page” of our Technical Support Area on our main website:

  • Document Management – attach files of any type (pdf’s, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, scanned items) to QuickBooks Customer records, Job Records, Vendor Records, Item List entries, Chart of Account Entries. These documents will be stored in a web-based software program and linked to your QuickBooks file.
  • Rapid List Entry – allows users to enter, edit and save multiple list items (Customers, Jobs, Vendors, etc.) all on one convenient spreadsheet like table.
  • Favorites Menu – create your own “Favorites” menu of commonly-used and/or hard to find menu items and tasks.
  • Electronic Check Processing – a check scanning service offered through QuickBooks Merchant Service accounts.
  • Additional Custom Fields (Enterprise ONLY) – more custom fields for items and names, new data formats and data validation.
  • Build Assemblies (Enterprise ONLY) – the “transaction” form is now a template.  Line items can be modified on the fly and printed.

The following items have been improved, according to Intuit literature that we have seen:

  • Forms Customization – now easier and faster to make QuickBooks forms look more professional.
  • Company Snapshot – allows users to customize what “widgets” they want to see and provides additional widgets for greater insight into the business.
  • Condense/Archive – improved logic to more reliably reduce the amount of data in the QuickBooks company file.
  • Easier Installation – installing QuickBooks is easier than in previous years.
  • Improved Product Registration – reduces time to register QuickBooks.
  • Expanded Client Data Review – QuickBooks Premier Account & Enterprise Accountant versions.
  • Improved Intuit Statement Writer – sold separately.
  • Improved Report Center

Payroll Updates/Enhancements

  • Check Signing Feature – Scan your signature, save the image, and then use it in QuickBooks when you print checks on your pre-printed check stock.
  • Easily Retrieve Your Payroll Service Key – an on-line tool which requires your Federal EIN, order number OR phone number.
  • Certified Payroll Report – compliant with the requirements of the Federal WH-347 & WH-348 according to Intuit (not quite in our opinion)

Watch for continued updates here on our blog as well as on the Technical Support Home Page on our website.

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