Review-QuickBooks 2010, Easier Registration with possible “glitch”

QuickBooks 2010 registration seems much more automated, with as much as possible being handled online.  In most cases, this should mean that users who upgrade will have to input less data, which will save them time and trouble.

However, there’s a potential problem that can occur in Steps 3-5 that you need to watch out for.  If you begin registration and have a file open, the data in the file will automatically populate the registration fields. If the open file doesn’t contain the information you need to use for registration this could be troublesome.  I had a “test file open when I began the registration process”.  So in MOST circumstances this should not be a problem.

If you notice that this is happening onscreen, delete the incorrect data and then fill in the correct data. 

Registration Wizard

Step 1 – Begin Registration


Step 2 – An internet connection is established


Step 3 – Create an Intuit Account (option #1) OR sign into your Intuit Account (option #2).

Use Option 1 to create an Intuit Account if this is the first version of QuickBooks that you have purchased OR if you are upgrading from an older version (Quickbooks 2008 or older if I remember correctly).

Use Option 2 to sign into your existing Intuit Account, if you are upgrading from the 2009 version.


Step 4 – Create a New Profile OR Select an Existing Business Profile

If you already have an Intuit Account, after you sign in – you will have an opportunity to Select the Business Profile that Intuit has on file for this account OR you can create a new business profile.


Step 5 – Review OR Create your business profile.

If you select an existing business profile, the window below will have the last known inforamtion regarding that profile already entered and you will have an opportunity to review and/or update the information.

When you create a new profile, you will need to complete ALL required information.


Step 6 – Register QuickBooks

Unfortunately after I’d done all of this, I still had to call Intuit in order to obtain a “Validation Code” 🙁

Now THIS could be caused by the fact that I have registered a new version of QuickBooks each year since the 1990’s – beginning with Version 1 in DOS and am both a ProAdvisor and an IDN Developer.


6 thoughts on “Review-QuickBooks 2010, Easier Registration with possible “glitch”

  • Gary
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Are you absolutely positive that it was a “new” unopened/unregistered version of QuickBooks that you purchased? Sometimes on eBay it will “say” that it’s new and when you go to register, Intuit will say that it has already been registered to someone else – and in many cases that really is the truth and not just a means to sell you something.

  • gary tucker

    I bought a new 2010 quickbooks pro on ebay and everything was going good on the registration until I got to the point of calling for a validation number. then they said that my license was invalid and they would not register my quickbooks but they said if i buy a version from them they would reduce the cost to $193 dollars. and the people they have on the support lines need to lean english better and they need to fix their phone line so a person can hear what the support people are saying. they just wanted to sell me a more expensive copy of quickbooks.

  • Jesse
    If you are installing all 50 programs for the same company under the same license, the rep that you speak with should be able to provide you with a “shortcut” that alleviates all of that hassle. When I registered my QB I told them that I was installing it on a specific number of machines and they provided me with a way to bypass all of the duplicate data entry.

  • Jesse

    I am SO fed up with Intuit. I have to install QuickBooks on 50 PCs, and I shouldn’t have to waste 10-15 minutes on the phone to register each one. I also shouldn’t have to enter my company information EVERY TIME, even though I already have an account.

    2010 will be the last version my firm purchases.

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