QuickBooks 2010 – Rapid List Entry (Add/Edit Multiple List Entries)

The Add/Edit Multiple List Entries is another new feature in QuickBooks 2010; where you can work with Customers,  Jobs, Vendors, Service Items, Inventory Parts or Non-Inventory Parts.  I can see this as being a very useful feature, and so far my favorite new feature in 2010.

New QuickBooks users will be able to quickly add these list entries (speeding up setup time) and existing users can also benefit when they need to update say their item list with new pricing, change preferred vendors, change Expense or Income Accounts.

Access this feature from the Lists menu -> Add/Edit Multiple List Entries to display the following window.  Using the List drop down menu, you can select to work with the following Lists – Customers (and Jobs), Vendors, Service Items, Inventory Parts, and Non-Inventory Parts.


Let’s say for instance, that I wanted to work with my Service Item (Cost Code) List, I would select that list from the drop down menu (1), and then I would want to click the Customize Columns button (2) to be able to work with all the specific elements within the item (3).  Once the Customize Columns window (3) is open I can see a list of available columns that I can work with as well as the chosen (default) columns.


I would probably want to select or choose to work with all of the columns that are available – and I would do this by clicking on each item in the Available Column (1) and then click the Add button (2) – this action moves the item element from the Available Column to the Chosen Column window.


Once I had moved all of the Available elements to the Chosen Columns, I would click OK


I would also want to move things around so that the columns more accurately matched the layout of the actual Item Record



Once I had arranged the order of my Chosen Columns, I would then click the OK button so that the flow of data entry would be more consistent with how data would be entered if you set up the items individually.


Once you have the Item List entries displayed, it’s very easy to update costs, change expense accounts, preferred Vendors, etc. and save all the changes with a click of the button.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to change the Expense Account associated with ALL of your items, you would first click into the first cell that contains the Expense Account and using the drop down menu that appears – change the account.


Next, right click the newly selected account and choose the Copy Down feature.  This will replace ALL of the existing entries with the new account.


And ALL of your Expense accounts have been changed to reflect the new one that you just selected.  Very cool!


As with all good things – there are also bad; and by that I mean that we start running into problems with Customer & Vendor record elements that aren’t accessed through this process.  Now this doesn’t mean that the feature is worthless, it just means that you can enter most of the basic information but will still need to edit Customer, Job, and Vendor Records individually to complete the rest.


In the Customer/Job List, you cannot access the following elements:

  • From the Address Info Tab
    • Ship To Address
    • Email Cc info
  • From the Additional Info Tab
    • Preferred Send Method
    • Price Level
  • From the Payment Info Tab
    • Preferred Payment Method

In the Vendor List, you cannot access the following elements:

  • From the Address Info Tab
    • Email Cc info
  • From the Additional Info Tab
    • Billing Rate Level
  • From the Account Prefill Tab
    • Account selection