QuickBooks 2010 – New Customizable “Favorites” Menu

Another new feature in QuickBooks 2010 is the ability to create your own “Favorites” menu – I have to admit my first thought was “ok is this an accounting package or a web browser?”  I’m beginning to get very confused.

It could be just me and the fact that I’ve used QuickBooks for a very long time (since version 1 in DOS) – but I do have to ask……….

How many different ways do I need to have in order to get to the exact same place?

I mean, come on now, we have:

  • the normal menu’s that have been around forever
  • keyboard shortcuts (or am I the only one who still remembers and USES them)
  • the Home Page (which we can customize)
  • “centers” for Customers, Vendors, Employees
  • the Icon Bar with shortcuts to this, that and the other thing……..

isn’t this new “Favorites” menu a bit of an overkill?  What’s next – a utility like “Speedial” which I use in Firefox to organize all my Favorites?


I guess what I really don’t like is the fact that QuickBooks is getting so “busy that it’s making me dizzy” with all the graphics, icons, shortcuts, etc.  I for one used to really like the older more simple interfaces.

If you want to remove the Favorites menu from the top of QuickBooks, first click on the View Menu and uncheck the Favorites Menu option.


But not everyone is like me, so let’s go and explore the Favorites menu.

When you click on the Favorites Menu option, the first thing that you see is a “Customize” option


From the Customize Favorites option, be prepared to be totally overwhelmed from the amount of “shortcuts” you can choose from, use the vertical scrollbar to view all your choices.  When you see something you want to add in the Available Menu Items side, click on it to select it and then click the Add button.


This will add the item to the Chosen Menu Items side.


Sometimes I have a rather odd sense of curiosity about things – and I wondered exactly how many “Available Menu Items” there were in the Premier Account Edition that you had access to —— would you believe it was an astonishing 507 items?  Of course there were many that were totally redundant; for example the Chart of Accounts was listed 3 different times:

  • Under Lists -> Chart of Accounts
  • Under Accountant -> Chart of Accounts
  • Under just plain “Chart of Accounts”

And I could add all three instances to my Favorites menu



Frankly I think that being able to add the same item 3 different times is a “bug” and I’m going to report it as such.

But back to my original question ————

How many different ways do I need to have in order to get to the exact same place?

Not a “favorite” in my opinion.

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