Government Contracting Resources – An Overview

From American Express OPEN

originally published Nov 18, 2009

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Trying to apply for a government contract can be a daunting task.  There are many requirements that need to be met from business size to socio-economic status.  While the task may seem daunting, there are a multitude of resources available to small business owners mentioned during this panel discussion from our Teaming USA launch.  The following is an overview of those resources.

PTAC’s – Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
PTAC’s are local offices administered directly by state governments or partners such as universities, community colleges, local economic development corporations or other local institutions.  Each local PTAC office is tailored to the needs of the area and community it serves.  Each PTAC is staffed with government contracting counselors who provide a wide range of services including individual counseling, seminars and access to a wide range of contract information such as bid opportunities, contract specifications and procurement histories.

Small Business Association
The SBA’s Office of Government Contracting provides resources for SBO’s as aids to help win government contracts as well as advocate on behalf of small businesses for federal procurement.  Several resources the SBA offers small businesses that are attempting to be either prime or sub contractors include the Certificate of Competency, the Non-Manufacturer Rule Waiver, and the Size Determination programs. In addition, the office manages procurement programs for women and veterans as the as the Procurement Awards Program and the Annual Joint Industry/SBA Procurement Conference.

SCORE’s mission is to “provides resources and expertise to maximize the success of existing and emerging small businesses.”  SCORE is a non-profit organization geared towards educating entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses.  SCORE has 364 chapters and 12,400 volunteers who provide free advice and counseling to millions of small businesses nationwide.  SCORE provides its services online via workshops, mentoring, articles and business templates.  SCORE also provides face-to-face counseling at any of its 364 locations.