QuickBooks for Contractors Newsletter – June 2010 Edition

The June 2010 edition of the QuickBooks for Contractors Newsletter, published on a quarterly basis by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is now available.

quickbooks for contractors newsletterThis quarters newsletter is all about job costing equipment in QuickBooks:

  • Determining Equipment Costs per Hour – explains how equipment costs-per-hour is determined by adding together three (3) distinct pieces of information.
  • Equipment Cost Calculator – an Excel spreadsheet designed to calculate the ACTUAL hour rate it costs you to have a specific piece of equipment on the jobsite.  The spreadsheet has formulas, based on the calculations in the article above.
  • QuickBooks Tips & Techniques – Advanced Job Costing – Getting Equipment Costs into Job Costing Reports – a FREE 17-page eBook which guides you step-by-step in getting your equipment costs into your job costing reports.

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