QuickBooks Tip – Construction A/P – Tracking Subcontractor Insurance

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  • In Arizona, neither Insurance Companies or agents are required to inform us General Contractors when an insurance cert is no longer valid. For us, the Sub-Contractor decided to re-organize his business and fired all of his employees. Therefore as a Sole-Proprietor he is no longer required to have Workers Compensation. I found out in July, 3 months later, when contacting to get the next insurance cert before it expired in August. Only thing I can come up with is to either pay money for something like MyCOI.com or have our office girl call and verify insurance before every new job. RRRGGGGHHHH

  • What version of QuickBooks are you using? The insurance fields are only available in Premier Contractor and Enterprise Contractor. If you aren’t all using the same version that would be why.

  • In our QB file, only some users are able to see the insurance fields for Vendors. Is there a setting that must be changed in order for all users to see it?

  • Hi Misty
    It took me awhile to find the Worker’s Comp expires field as well the first time I set up a vendor in QuickBooks (oh, I was ticked!).

    First off, the “real” worker’s comp expiration date tracking feature is only available in the Premier or Enterprise Contractor Edition (this info is for other “version” users). Once you Edit the Vendor record -> go to the Additional Info tab and you’ll find that as well as the General Liability Insurance Expires field as well.

    Like many long-time QuickBooks users, I get very annoyed when something is moved and I end up searching everywhere I can think of.

    If you use the Premier or Enterprise Accountant version, you’ll need to use the “Toggle” feature (from the QuickBooks File menu) and switch to the Contractor version.

    Hope this helps.

  • Misty

    We updated to quickbooks 2013 recently and there are a lot of things that I am having trouble finding, that was very simple in previous versions. One of the most important features was the workers comp expires checkbox. Which I cannot find ANYWHERE in the 2013 version. I have already taken steps in entering new vendor, additional information, reports and modify reports. nothing. Any suggestions?

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