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Certified Payroll & AIA Billing Updates

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We’ve been testing, debugging, and documenting numerous certified payroll and AIA billing updates for the last few weeks – I’ve posted some of the information behind the changes here in our blog.

News from Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.Today, I just send out a newsletter to over 2,000 construction companies (in all 50 states) who use our software – Glad I use Constant Contact to keep everyone up to date, otherwise they would get me for spamming 🙂

Below are highlights from the newsletter.

Certified Payroll Solution Updates:

There are several new enhancements, changes, and requirements available for Certified Payroll Solution; some at the State level for certified payroll reporting and others at the Federal level for EEOC Reporting – each item has a link to our website where you will find complete instructions.  Be sure to visit our website to obtain the instruction on how to download & install the updates and implement any new changes that you will need to make.

  • California DIR established Compliance Monitoring Unit and requires electronic certified payroll reports via a Labor Compliance Program (LCP) developed by TRS Consultants, Inc.  Click here for details.
  • New FHWA 1391 & 1392 Annual EEO Reports for Federal Highway Contractors – the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration revised both the 1391 & 1392 in June 2010.  The new forms print on LEGAL SIZE paper and require that you report employees who are of two or more races separately.  Click here for details.
  • Texas DOT Requires Electronic Certified Payrolls {E-Payrolls} – The Texas Department of Transportation, like many other state agencies, is requiring electronic submission of certified payroll reports, through its Electronic Project Records System (EPRS).  We have worked closely with representatives of Texas DOT to ensure that CPS will create the required .CSV file.  The electronic upload has been tested and approved by Texas DOT. Click here for details.
  • Revised Mississippi CAD-880 & CAD-881 Forms – Mississippi Department of Transportation (DOT) has revised their CAD-880 & CAD-881 Forms and updated forms are available to download.  The Certified Payroll Report now includes the Race & Gender of each employee. Click here for complete details.
  • New York City Housing Department Form Update – The New York City Housing Department is requiring that ALL certified payroll reports submitted on the Federal WH-347 form include the”Public Burden Statement”.  Click here for complete details.
  • Wisconsin Bug Fixes – corrects DOT Statement of Compliance check boxes and Department of Workforce Development Electronic upload error.  Download CPS Version 5.0.440 and then download Wisconsin DOL forms.
  • More Missouri revisions – including the ability to print the certified payroll report forms on either standard or legal-sized paper.  Download CPS Version 5.0.440 and then download new State of Missouri forms.
  • Alaska Electronic Certified Payroll Upload News – Over a year ago we were contacted by the Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development to provide an electronic upload for their new on-line certified payroll filing.  We worked closely with them to provide them with the correct information and upload type.  A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted again and the system is now live.  Download this brochure from the Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development, download this article for setting up CPS to generate the required files.

Construction Application for Payment Solution (AIA Billing Updates)

We’ve also been working on the Construction Application for Payment Solution (for AIA Billing).  We’ve added new functionality and forms that have been requested by YOU, our customers.  Each new item is listed below, if there are “special” instructions for implementing the new feature – be sure to click the link to visit our website and download ALL of the download & setup instructions that are available.

  • Quantities on the Continuation Sheet – Currently this is a tested ALPHA release (Version 5.0.219), which provides Quantity Tracking (estimated, previous, current, stored, previously stored quantities and unit price can be tracked and printed with CAPS).  New forms have been added with quantities.  In some cases, prior form selection on jobs may be incorrect – check the Form Printing Options for each Job (Edit menu -> Jobs -> select Job -> Edit -> Printing tab -> check selection in the Select a plain paper form for this job.  CAPS now provides 22 different plain paper invoicing formats for you to choose from.
  • Contractor Qualification Statement – In April we released in BETA a Contractor Qualification Statement as part of the Construction Application for Payment Solution Program.  Some, but not all of you have downloaded this update (Version 5.1.214) and it is currently in BETA until we hear more feedback from you.
  • Plain Paper 706, 706A, 707 & 707A forms – In March, we released in BETA the ability to create complete 706, 706A, 707, & 707A forms using plain paper – rather than having to purchase AIA originals.  Some, but not all of you have downloaded this update (Version 5.0.184) and it is currently still in BETA until we hear more feedback from you.
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