QuickBooks Productivity Tip – Use the Open Window List

Using the Open Window List in QuickBooks is a huge productivity booster as it will allow you to quickly and easily go back and forth between tasks.  It will also allow you to see just how many and which forms and reports you do have open.

QuickBooks Open Window ListUsing the Open Window List is MUCH faster than opening and closing window or forms that you often use.

If you aren’t currently using the Open Window feature, you either close each form when you are done with it, or you always have a lot of windows open and don’t realize it.  When you exit QuickBooks at the end of the day you may think that you only have one window open, but in reality you have maybe 8 or 10 – so when you start QuickBooks the next morning it has to load all of those open windows – quite possibly including several reports; this only adds to the amount of time that it takes before you can actually get to work.

Here’s how to activate the Open Window feature:

From the View menu -> click on Open Window List.

When you are working in QuickBooks on an average day, your Open Window List could show that you are working on Creating Estimates, viewing a Balance Sheet, Receiving Payments, working with your Chart of Accounts, working with your Item List, using Weekly Timesheets, entering Vendor Bills, viewing a Payroll Summary Report, looking at the Profit & Loss Report, working with your Payroll Item List, and even looking at an employee record.  Each of these normal day to day activities creates a open window.

QuickBooks Open Window List

By utilizing the Open Window option, you can easily identify just how many form, report, and task windows you have open at the end of the day.  A good habit to get into is to close all of these items before you exit QuickBooks.  Close your open forms and reports by going to the Windows menu -> and choosing Close All.  The next morning when you start QuickBooks you may find that it will load faster if you start with a “clean slate”.

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  • Unfortunately, I do not use the online version at all – it doesn’t have the job costing functionality that most of the contractors I deal with need. I would assume that because the online version is web-based that there is not an Open Windows list.

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