#QuickBooks for Contractors blog-Freebie Friday eBook Giveaway

Welcome to the launch of “Freebie Friday’s” here on the #QuickBooks for Contractors blog.

Each Friday we will be offering a free and fee-based QuickBooks related eBook, offering tips, tricks, and training – so stayed tuned, visit often or sign up to have our posts delivered daily via email.

To start off our Freebie Friday’s eBook series, we are offering a 19-page eBook called Payroll Mistakes – It’s Not As Easy as 1-2-3 ; it seemed appropriate since year end payroll is just around the corner.  After all, payroll is an essential part of your business – not just a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly annoyance.  Payroll is the primary way that employees are rewarded for good job performance and retained.  If you are issuing late or incorrect paychecks it can lead to dissatisfied, unmotivated workers – or worse.  It’s hard to keep good employees when a company gets payroll wrong.

free payroll mistakes ebookPayroll Mistakes eBook – $6.95:

Learn common mistakes that occur during the hiring process, paycheck generation, at year end, and all year long.  Purchase our eBook; Payroll Mistakes – It’s NOT As Easy As 1-2-3, which expands on common mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

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