QuickBooks for Contractors-Freebie Friday Job Cost Equipment

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As a contractor, determining the cost-per-hour for each piece of equipment or machinery  that your company owns and uses on a job site is a great tool for understanding, and even eventually, recouping the actual cost of the machine itself.   Once you have this information, you can improve the accuracy of your bidding, book equipment and machinery costs in your accounting software, and even identify ways in which you can maximize expenditures throughout the year.

QuickBooks doesn’t automatically have a way of job costing equipment, so this week we are offering a fee-based eBook and video training combination pack that teaches you how to get your equipment costs into your job costing reports.

Once you know your Equipment Costs per hour, use QuickBooks to track these costs for job costing purposes by purchasing our 32-page eBook for $25.00.  Get your copy today!

2 thoughts on “QuickBooks for Contractors-Freebie Friday Job Cost Equipment

  • Maria
    Unfortunately I would need more information in order to be able to answer you question. Mainly what do you mean about “all mixed up”? Without seeing your setup, you could append each piece of equipment with a “1” meaning 1-Tractor – this would put all of your pieces of equipment at the top of your vendor list or append it with a “Z” meaning Z-Tractor – this would put all of your pieces of equipment at the bottom of your vendor list.
    Hope this helps, it’s difficult diagnosing problems without really seeing what you mean.


    This solves my problem, however, my real vendor list gets all mixed up with the Equipment set up as vendors? any other way to set up a different vendor or????



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