QuickBooks Tip – Correcting a Job Assigned to Wrong Customer

A common conundrum for some bookkeepers is to create a job prior to receiving the contract paperwork, so that materials could be ordered – and then finding when the actual contract arrives that the job was assigned to the wrong customer in the QuickBooks Customer List.

QuickBooks TipWhile this may not be an every day occurrence, it does leave one wondering if there is a “correct procedure” for moving the job to the correct parent customer, if it can be done at all, or if you just have to start deleting things and starting from scratch.

In most cases, this situation can be correct easily, however, the smaller the amount of transactions associated with the job that you need to move the better.

Follow these instructions carefully:

  • Make a BACKUP of your QuickBooks file.

Generate Reports for Job Costing details, to be used for comparison AFTER you have moved the job from one customer to the other.

  1. Run a Time by Job Detail Report – filtered for only this job (Reports menu -> Jobs, Time & Mileage -> Time by Job Detail -> Modify Report -> Filters ->  Customer:Job -> this Job).
  2. Run a Profit & Loss Report – filtered for only this job.
  3. Run an Unbilled Costs by Job – filtered for only this job.
  4. Run an Open Purchase Order Report – filtered for only this job.
  5. Run a Job Costs by Job and Vendor Detail – filtered for only this job.
  6. Additional Reports as necessary.

When you have your printed reports and have made a BACKUP of your QuickBooks data file:

  • In QuickBooks, you MUST be logged in as the Administrator in Single-User mode.
  • Go to the Customer Center -> Customers & Jobs tab -> select this job -> click EDIT.
  • On the Address Info Tab you’ll see a Customer drop down menu, use this to select the correct customer.
Change customer
Right click on the image to enlarge it.
  • Change the Company Name, Bill To Address, Contact, Phones, etc. to be the correct information.
  • Click OK.
  • The Job should now be associated with the Customer you selected.
  • REBUILD your QuickBooks file (File menu -> Utilities -> Rebuild Data).
  • Run the reports to verify that all the associated transactions also moved.

We hope you have found this tip to be helpful, if so please take a moment to leave us a comment.

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