Freebie Friday – Email Etiquette eBook

This week’s Freebie Friday eBook is all about Email Etiquette.

We all use email every day, as a matter of fact just about all of us live in our email InBox – it’s a fast and effective means of communication.   But email is also cold, impersonal, unclear, and often used ineffectively.  It lacks the interpersonal contact of the traditional way of meeting someone.

Email is also the source of many viruses, and is frequently used by spammers, so we should all pay close attention to how our email is perceived by the person receiving it.

We only get one chance to meet someone for the first time and “WOW” them with our products and/or services, so, it’s important to really put your best foot forward; whether that first meeting is in person, via email, through the use of a contact us form, or on the telephone.

With advances in technology, we are no longer limited to meeting prospective customers, clients, or referral partners face-to-face like we used to.  Technology now allows us to meet these same prospects via email, phone, or through our websites.

With these advances, and the ever increasing fast-paced world that we live in, are we sacrificing good old fashioned common sense etiquette protocols?

Free Email Etiquette eBookAre we still making a good first impression with our potential clients, customers or vendors?

Are we identifying ourselves as professionals?

Are we clearly stating the reason for our contact?

Are we being clear and concise about the purpose of our inquiry – whether it’s a support question, or a request for additional information?

Are we clearly identifying ourselves and providing contact information?

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    HAPPY FRIDAY!  Yes, I’m “yelling”, sorry about that, but it’s been a long week.  Enjoy your weekend.