Windows, QuickBooks & 3rd Party Apps – The Struggle Within

7 thoughts on “Windows, QuickBooks & 3rd Party Apps – The Struggle Within

  • Hi Thomas
    I apologize for the delay, I was out of town all last week at a QuickBooks conference and am just getting settled back in.

    Unfortunately, I would need to know a LOT more about your setup before I could give you a really good answer – such as:

    • Are you running Pro, Premier or Enterprise?
    • Have you contacted the Developers of the 3rd party apps that you are using? They would be the #1 go to folks for help
    • If you are running Enterprise, are you running it via Terminal Server?
    • Is QuickBooks and the 3rd party apps also installed on each computer/workstation?
    • Is QuickBooks open or closed when you get the “could not start” error
    • Are you correctly pointing to the right QB file (that one may sound silly)
    • Have you checked the Integrated Application preferences in QB to be sure they are correct?

    Did you try creating a new Windows Admin account and changing the existing one to a Standard User?

    This is such a miserable error to troubleshoot!

  • Thomas Gundersen

    Thank you so much for this information, Nancy! If the 3rd party app runs in Web Connector on a server, and it is set up using a Standard User account, will this standard user need to be logged onto the server constantly in order for Web Connector to synchronize data? We have used an admin user to install 3rd party apps on a server, thinking that the admin user would be always logged in and Web Connector would always sync. Even so, we’re seeing this “Could not start QuickBooks” error.

  • Hi John,
    Glad you stopped by 🙂
    Actually this whole issue is quite difficult, when you tell people the “why” this is happening their initial reaction is that you are just trying to place the blame on someone else – the old “pass the buck” routine. So of course, you then have to go through the entire process of uninstall, standard user, install, link, etc. (very time consuming) and it’s not until you can “prove” that the error doesn’t happen anymore – that they finally believe you!

  • RE: “The QuickBooks company file must also be in a Public or properly shared folder”. This can often be the most confusing issue for users of 3rd party apps. If they have different QB files in different folders it can be that the 3rd party app works for some but not others. A common symptom is that the QB dialog where you grant permission for the first time never appears, so the user is stuck with no way to proceed. You are spot on about the need for the file to be “properly shared”. A quick resolution or test if you have this issue can be to set the permissions for the file as Full Control for Everyone.

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