Looking for Guest Bloggers

wanted guest bloggersWe would like to invite our subscribers to write a guest blog article that we will post on our blog.? We know a lot of our subscribers are experts in their own fields and have tips and best practices that everyone could benefit from.

What to Write About?
We are looking for articles that provide valuable information to the business professionals that subscribe to our blog.? The post could pertain to business lessons you’ve learned that would be valuable for others to hear about, tips for handling certain situations more effectively, compliance issues to avoid or anything that would help business owners run their companies more efficiently.? The articles don’t have to be geared towards payroll or construction, but should relate to using QuickBooks, owning, operating or managing a business.

How long should the blog post be?
A good length for a blog post is between 300 and 500 words and include at least one graphic that relates to the subject you are writing about.

How Often Would I Have to Submit a Blog Post?
Absolutely no commitments or expectations. If you would like to only submit one guest blog post, that’s fine. If you are thinking about starting a blog of your own and want to “get your feet wet” {so to speak} this is a perfect opportunity. If you would like to submit guest posts on a regular basis – I would be happy to discuss that with you.

How Does a Guest Blogger Benefit?
By writing a guest article for our blog, you and your business will get additional exposure and the posting will be seen by all our subscribers.? In return for writing an article, you can include a brief bio and inbound links to one of the following:

  • your website
  • your own blog, or
  • your social media profiles…

giving those sites added SEO value and increased traffic.

Why Are You Looking for Guest Bloggers?
Having guest bloggers will provide our readers with new perspectives and new topics, and to be honest, it will give me a break…..it’s sometimes difficult to come up with new content every day.

Ok, I’m Interested – How Do I Contact You?
Use the Contact Us tab at the top of our blog to get in touch with me.