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Create a QuickBooks External Accountant User For An IRS Audit

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AuditorGiving your QuickBooks company data to an IRS Auditor is almost like inviting a stranger into your home – you don’t know what they will do, and at this point in time, I haven’t found any information on exactly what an Auditor will look for or what they will do once they do get their hands on your data file.

To be honest, I don’t even know if they are required to return your QuickBooks (or Peachtree) data file to you once they are done.  I do have to assume that they are required to do so, but you never know………..

Hopefully, you will follow the suggestions outlined in An IRS Audit and They Want Your QuickBooks File – Best Practices article and provide a data file that ONLY contains the year in question.

The last thing that you really should do before handing over the file to be audited is to create an External Accountant User for their use – do not give them your Administrator password.

An External Accountant is a fairly new type of QuickBooks user account that was introduced a couple of years ago.  Anyone who logs into your QuickBooks file as an External Accountant User has access to all areas and information contained in your data file with the exception of sensitive customer data, such as credit card information (if you keep customer credit card data in your file).

To create an External Accountant User

You will need to be logged into QuickBooks as the Administrator and I believe you need to be in single-user mode.

  • From the Company menu, choose Setup Users and Passwords
  • Select Add User
  • Enter a new user name and password – write this information down and give it to the auditor, and click Next
  • Choose External Accountant in the Access screen and click Next

external accountant user

  • Click Yes on the Warning message to confirm that you want to create an External Accountant User

external accountant user warning

  • Click the Finish button

By creating the External Accountant user, you will be able to pull up an audit trail report to see if they changed anything if the file is returned.  Of course this is getting a little paranoid, but one of the fears that I’ve seen people discussing is what if the auditor goes in and changes something…….

Please feel free to leave your own comments, suggestions and thoughts for best practices on this new procedure – it will be of benefit to everyone.

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