QuickBooks Tip-Creating a Functional Payroll Liabilities Section

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  • Alex, there is really no such thing as “typical” when it comes to numbering sub-accounts. I usually put payroll liabilities into the 24000 – 26999 Other Current Liabilities section. Here’s a couple of articles on numbering your Chart of Accounts – and .

    So, if I were to choose 22000 as my “main” payroll liabilities account, I would number my subaccounts as 22100, 22200, etc.

  • Alex T.

    Hi Nancy:
    would you happen to have a list of a typical “numbering” for all payroll related sub-accounts?
    As you know QB doesn’t number the accounts or sub-accounts, but in order to import data from the third party payroll company doing that job for us, instead of imputing it manually…so we were asked to assign number to all the sub-accounts.
    Thank you

  • Hi Theresa
    Yes, these instruction will work with the 2014 version of QuickBooks Pro, Premier and/or Enterprise.
    Make sure that you create a backup before making any changes 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful compliment – it’s tough putting together meaningful content!

  • Theresa stafford

    Do these instructions work for premier pro 2014? Love your website, so much more helpful than any other. Thanks!

  • Hi Pheobe
    If it were me I would set up (or use) the main QuickBooks Liability account called Payroll Liabilities (by default) and then add sub-accounts for Federal Withholding, FICA (both employer & employee share), M-CARE (both employer & employee share), State Withholding, etc. If you do this – you’ll also need to edit each of the payroll tax items in your Payroll Item List and “point” them to these new Liability sub-accounts.

  • Phoebe

    I am trying to get my quickbooks to correspond to my actual payroll payments (941 and state). I have made liability accounts for company share of social security and medicare. Is this correct? Or should I only have liability accounts for employee share?

    Thanks for answering.

  • Hi Carol, thanks for dropping by. Which reports are you referring to? Both the Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss Reports can be collapsed to show only the main or master accounts – allowing the end user to view the details while allowing an accountant to see only an overview.

  • Carol

    This would be helpful if Quickbooks allowed you to collapse reports by master accounts, or main jobs, or any sort of collapsing vs expanding. One of the BIG negtives of QuickBooks.

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