Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

It seems that we are experiencing some technical difficulties – since Sunday I have been receiving an “error connecting to the database” when attempting to create a blog post; yesterday I noticed the same type of problems on our main website.

I’ve spent the last two day trying to track down the cause of the problem, with the help of our hosting provider – and we are not getting very far.

He’s rebooted our server, which usually solves the problem, but it hasn’t seemed to clear it up this time.

We’ve started to look at other things – like traffic to the blog and our main site, and it seems like our server is under a pretty heavy load – meaning lots of visitors!  Now you would think that’s a good thing right?  Lot’s of visitors – yeah, but I guess it causes issues, such as loading pages and overall site speed.

We are working on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon, so please be patient with us until we get it fixed.  If you get an error connecting to the database message, on this site or any other, simply reload the page.

I’ve installed a WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache,  which improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site; hopefully will take care of the issue here on the blog.  When I first looked at W3 Total Cache, I was pretty intimidated – the detailed setup instructions seemed totally overwhelming; but my hosting provider said “just install and activate it, check to be sure that it is enabled and it automatically does all the optimizations”.  That made my life a little easier!

Now I’m off to see if we can solve the mystery of the connection error on the main website.

Have a great day everyone!