QuickBooks Tip – How To Customize Invoices

A QuickBooks tip about how to customize invoices without purchasing pre-printed forms.

You use the Create Invoice icon to invoice your customers. The invoices are plain looking, just your company name, no logo, nothing that really makes it stand out and look like a professional invoice. How would you like to customize the invoice without the cost of purchasing invoices? You can by using the customization tool available.

While in the invoice, go to the Customize button at the top and click the down arrow, then click on Manage Templates and you will see this screen:

Highlight the template you want to customize and click okay at the bottom of the page. The next window that opens will look like this:

This window will give you several options on how you want to design your invoice. To add your own company logo put a check mark in the box next to Use logo and then click on Select Logo. You can then upload the image from a file on your computer. To change the color to match your company color click on the Select Color Scheme and pick a color, then click on the Apply Color Scheme button.

You can change the font for any of the text by highlighting any field in the box below “Change Font For” and clicking on Change Font button. Do this for each text you want to change. Under the Company and Transaction information put a check mark in the box next to each piece of information you want to show on your invoice. Click on the Update Information button to update any company information.

Anytime during your customization process you can click on the Print Preview button located in the bottom right corner to see what your invoice looks like. If you don’t like what you have done, you can go back and make changes.

If you find you need to move different fields around, click on the Layout Designer button at the bottom of the window. This is what you will see:

Put your cursor on any field, highlight it and move it to the desired position. You can make the field bigger or smaller. Double click in the middle of the field to open up another window for more customization options for that particular field. It may take several tries to get it to look exactly the way you want.

Once you have your logo on your invoice and you have done some other customization your invoice will look professional.