Vermont, Cleaning Up After Irene

Irene came into Vermont early Sunday morning, bring a lot of rain, which resulted in a lot of flooding in the southern and middle part of the state. Here, in our own little piece of the Northeast Kingdom we fared pretty well – mainly because we live pretty high up on a hill. While Irene did dump 5 1/2″ of rain in 12 hours on us, luckily we didn’t loose our power, our telephone, or our internet – others were not so lucky.  Some towns in the southern part of the state got up to 10″ in that same 12 hour period, many lost their power, some still have no way to get in or out of town, due to the rivers flooding and washing out roads and bridges.

This is what the Vermont road closure map looked like at about 8 p.m. last night.

For everyone effected by Irene along the East Coast, our thoughts are with you.

2 thoughts on “Vermont, Cleaning Up After Irene

  • Thanks Cyndi. There are many still without power and actually stranded. In some of the smaller towns along the rivers, roads and bridges have been washed out on both sides. My understanding is that Killington Ski Area lost their base lodge at the bottom of the mountain.

  • Cyndi Menard

    Thankful that the storm was much less than anticipated and sending warm wishes for the speedy recovery of all those that were and continue to be effected by Irene. Glad that you are safe and sound.

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