Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a happy, successful, and prosperous New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

Happy New Year!The holiday season is wonderful – but it’s a time of short work weeks and lots of non-work related activities – I don’t know about you but in some ways I’m REALLY glad the holiday season is over!  But unfortunately, I feel like a need a vacation just to get myself ready to go back to work and deal with the things ahead!

Coming back to work after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays can be tough – there are all the things that we need to catch up on that were set aside because of short work weeks and of course January means getting ready for W-2’s, final quarterlies, taxes, etc.

Perhaps your company is implementing new software to automate time-consuming tasks, workflow procedures for the new year that will help you all get your jobs done quicker and more efficiently, or you are thinking about signing up for some QuickBooks training classes so that you can perform your bookkeeping tasks more efficiently.

What are your goals for the new year?

Do you have a plan?

Do you have a list of things that you want to accomplish this year?

I have a long list of things that I need and want to do this year.

One of the things that I want to do is to offer more QuickBooks training, for our customers and site visitors, through reasonably priced eBooks, pre-recorded and live webinars.  I’m also working on updating many of the eBooks that I’ve previously offered here on the blog for free – once the eBooks have been updated and released, I will be selling them for $7.00 to $35.00 – depending on the length and subject matter.  I’ll be announcing their release hear on the blog as they are completed.

As a visitor to our site what would you like to see for upcoming training subjects?

Have a great first week back to work!

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