Employee Education & Training – Are You Making the Investment?

Employee education and training is an investment that every business owner should make.  As a business owner, your company policies should include employee education and training requirements.

training and educationWhether you are a business owner or an employee, education and training is part of your daily life – like it or not.   We need it in order to deal with new complexities that we face at work, for career advancement, and to obtain certification.

Being a business owner myself, I find myself learning new things on a daily basis in order to make my job easier and more efficient.  For example, right now as I prepare this blog post,  I’m working with a new piece of software called Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Dragon allows me to dictate my blog post instead of physically having to type it.  Needless to say, this is a learning experience.  But once I master it, creating a blog post is going to be a much faster and more efficient process.  I will also then be able to apply this knowledge to other tasks, such as writing or updating our software manuals.

My own background is bookkeeping.  Over the years I’ve transitioned from being just a bookkeeper to becoming a software developer.  I’ve learned a whole bunch in this job!  Performing bookkeeping tasks or providing QuickBooks training to clients did not prepare me for becoming a software developer, writing manuals, creating and maintaining a website, or any of the thousands of other things that I do on a daily basis.

Let’s take support for an example.  I find that there is a very, very fine line between how people view support and training.   In general, support is defined as helping a user solve a specific problem with the product, perhaps resolving an error message.  However, I find that most people define or expect that support includes (or is also) training – not only for our software but for QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and basic computer tasks such as how to create a new folder or add an attachment to an email.

Whether you are a contractor, a bookkeeper working for contractor, or certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor you need to make a commitment to yourself, to your employees, to your business, and to your clients to obtain the training necessary to perform daily tasks quickly and efficiently and then take what you have learned an apply it.  This requires a commitment of your time and sometimes money as well

Training can be obtained in multiple ways.  The internet provides some great training opportunities, you can Google something specific and find an overwhelming amount of information for free.  Many companies, our own included, provide great training videos for learning their software – free of charge.  You can take a class on-line or go to your local community college.

The possibilities are endless for learning, if you just make the commitment.

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