How To Complete an AIA G-702/G-703 & Document Change Orders

Knowing how to complete an AIA G-702/G-703 billing form and documenting change orders are important for your overall cash flow, if they aren’t done correctly – well you don’t get paid on time!  This Tuesday Training segment will provide you with detailed information on both

Welcome to Tuesday Training!

Tuesday TrainingTuesday Training is a new feature here on the QuickBooks for Contractors blog.  While everyday focuses on training of one sort or another, Tuesday’s are dedicated to more in-depth training.

We’ll teach you the things you need to know about using QuickBooks, that you won’t find in the QuickBooks Help file, in order to successfully run your construction business and obtain accurate job costing reports; from eBooks, live webinars, and recorded training sessions.

You’ll find high-quality (budget friendly) training without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.


AIA G-702/G-703 Training Exercise – $25.00

Most anyone will tell you that completing the AIA G-702 and G-703 forms by hand is frustrating and difficult.  To fill out one correctly, you pretty much have to:

  • forget about any basic accounting principals you’ve ever learned
  • ignore change orders that have been submitted or approved, but not processed
  • ignore money that is still outstanding from previously submitted applications for payment

You need to realize that the payment applications that you submit are an important piece of your overall cash flow management.  When your payment applications get screwed up — bad things happen; none of which put you in “good standing” with the General Contractor or Project Owner, and can ultimately damage your company’s overall cash position.

This 38 page eBook contains everything you’ll need to learn how to complete these billing forms correctly; including a sample AIA training exercise that walks you through, from start to finish, how to complete an AIA G-702 & G-703 form by hand.

Purchase your copy from our new “Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business” website today for $25.00.

Documenting Change Orders, Extra Work Orders & Job Costs

It almost goes without saying that on any construction project, a contractor’s ability to get paid for the Original contract, Extra Work Orders and/or Change Orders is vital to the business’s profit margin.

It’s the start of a new construction season, is your job costing system in place?

Purchase this eBook from our “Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business” website today – $14.95.

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