Choosing QuickBooks & Add-Ons for Your Construction Business

QuickBooks, while a great software program, is a “generic” accounting program.  Even though there is a “Contractor version”, it was designed to meet the needs of all types of contractors – from the home handyman to a general contractor.  Only through the use of QuickBooks integrated add-ons will you find that it then becomes a viable substitute for the more costly construction specific accounting programs available.

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Choosing QuickBooks and QuickBooks Add-Ons for Your Construction Business

Whether you currently use QuickBooks or are thinking of using QuickBooks for your construction accounting package you need to be aware that QuickBooks, while a great software program, is a “generic” accounting program and will not do everything that you may need it to for your business by itself, unlike more expensive construction specific software.

If you are like most contractors, you probably do not think of yourself as a “computer hardware/software expert’.  In fact, when faced with the thought of purchasing new computers and/or software to automate critical, time consuming tasks within your business, you end up feeling overwhelmed.  Many contractors end up turning the project over to someone else.  This unfortunately, is one of the major reasons that this type of project fails.

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