Payroll Tip – Handling 1 Employee with 2 Union Benefit Packages

3 thoughts on “Payroll Tip – Handling 1 Employee with 2 Union Benefit Packages

  • Hi Rick
    Happy New Year! I’m glad you’re finding some helpful stuff here on our blog 🙂
    When you set up your different Union Fringe Benefit items in QuickBooks use the “calculate based on Quantity” option – the quantity will be the number of hours that the employee worked under that specific union (fringe).
    The Premier version has some contractor specific reports that Pro doesn’t, and if you “sub” out any of your work to another contractor you can track the expiration dates of their G/L and W/C insurance policies right in their Vendor record.
    2013 has some nice features (a redesigned employee record, the ability for group items to hold more items, etc.) but if anyone in your office has a vision problem or is prone to migraine headaches they may not like the new “colors” and some of the other changes to the actual interface.
    If you have any question, feel free to give me a call on Wednesday 1/2/2013.

  • Rick Mattingly

    Just came upon your website and I’m finding lots of useful information? We’re a small (5 employees) union elect contractor and we’re about to start work in a different jurisdiction so wages and benefits will be different on this job than normal.

    I’ve got a question on payroll tip “Handling 1 employee with 2 Union Benefit pkgs”. Will the benefits calculate correctly or will they have to be manually adjusted and/or zero’d out? Say you have 20 hrs in one jurisdiction and 20 hrs in another jurisdiction, is there something that ties the benefits to the number of hours worked in the respective jurisidiction?

    Also, we are planning on upgrading to quickbooks 2013 soon and we’ll be purchasing your Certified payroll software (which I wish I had found before now). We currently have quickbooks pro and I’ve been looking at premier for contractors but I just don’t see much that it would do for us. It might be good to go ahead and get it in case they add features that would help though. Do you have any comments or suggestions on whether we should get premier?



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