Boy, It Sure Has Been BUSY Around Here!


Help!  I’ve fallen into the “I’m just so busy” trap and I can’t get out!  What with certified payroll reporting requirement changes, taxes, support calls, blogging, and all the other things that I do; I find that I’ve fallen into that “I’m just so BUSY” trap that many people talk about.  See what I’m doing about it.

the I'm so busy trapPeople often ask me how I manage to get everything done – it’s easy!  I work from 4 or 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, then I slack off on Saturday and Sunday cause I only work from 5 or 6 a.m. till noon!  Seriously, that’s how I manage and frankly I’m pretty burnt out!

Urban Dictionary has some great definitions of the term busy, you’ll have to visit Urban Dictionary yourself to see what they are.

My definition of busy is a lot more hard core and practical.  Take for example the recent bought of certified payroll reporting updates that have happened, since the end of December 2011:

  • there is a new Federal WH-347 form
  • new Florida Department of Transportation certified payroll reporting forms
  • new Ohio School facilities commission forms
  • changes in prevailing wage requirements in Massachusetts, Washington and California

Ok, so that may not sound like a big deal, until you realize what it entails.  Just to test the new Federal form involved running tests in 32 different state specific Certified Payroll Solution installations to test the form in conjunction with any state specific forms to be sure that everything worked as usual on my Windows 7 computer, running QuickBooks 2011 and Office 2010.  I then had to run tests on a Windows 7 machine running QuickBooks 2012 and Office 2010, Vista with Office 2007 and QuickBooks 2010 and lastly Windows XP running Office 2003 and QuickBooks 2009.  Then there is all the supporting documentation……

In the middle of all this, my laptop starts going on the fritz and I had to reformat the hard drive and re-install everything.  At first I thought it was the laptop itself kicking the bucket from over use, but after it was all rebuilt I was still having the same issue – I couldn’t connect to QuickBooks with our software!  Come to find out – the most recent round of QuickBooks updates “broke” backwards compatibility for the SDK.  Intuit says they are aware of it, but there is indication of when this will be fixed.  For me it wasn’t much of a big deal, but for Ben it meant uninstalling QuickBooks, reinstalling it without applying any updates and then rebuilding the updates for our software!

So today I’m owning my crabiness and doing something about it (geeze, I feel like Maxine!).

I’ve created two new support categories on our main website containing mostly short (many under 10 minute videos) on our most frequent support calls.  You can find Certified Payroll Solution How-To’s here and Construction Application for Payment Solution How-To’s here.  By the time I’m finished there will be roughly 30 brand new training videos – most of which last 5-10 minutes and they are going to replace me.

Why did I choose to create videos?  Most of my time is spent on the phone – feeling like I do nothing but repeat myself all day.  This is a common feeling for anyone who provides any sort of support or training.  Video’s don’t get tired or crabby (and frankly I do!), are available 24/7,  and are free!  It’s either that or only answer phones 4 hours a day – to which our customers would revolt!

Spring is arriving quickly and I’m tired of being chained to a desk and a computer – I want to get outside!  I started my tomatoes and peppers on Sunday from seed and am looking forward to my vegetable garden, the harvest and canning season.

My new motto “Own your busy-ness. And if you don’t like, then change it.”

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