QuickBooks for Contractors Hangout on Goolge+


QuickBooks for Contractors Hangout on Google+, join us today Thursday March 29, 2012 from 11-12 EST.

Grab your coffee (or favorite beverage) and bring your QuickBooks for Contractors questions and join us for Google+ hangout.

Google+ hangouts are a really cool way to meet and network with others; using nothing more than your computer with sound, a microphone and perhaps a webcam.  The best part — it’s totally free!  All  you need is a gmail account and then you need to create a personal or business profile and page.

Next, you’ll want to either add my personal page or my business page to your circles – here are the links:

The hangout is something new that we are trying, if there is a fair amount of interest I’ll be doing a monthly hangout – so watch for further announcements!

Hangouts allow for up to a total of 10 people – so I can’t guarantee that everyone who wants to join will be able to

Technology is very cool and I think you’ll see more and more people utilizing things like Google+ to network – just think, it’s like a mini-conference in the comfort of your home and office!

If you aren’t able to log in this time – please leave a comment either here or on either of my profiles and I’ll add you to a special circle to keep you up to date on future hangouts!

See you on the web!