Weekly Wrap-Up: News You Can Use 4/20-4/26/2012


There is so much news and information floating around the web – it’s difficult (at best) to keep up!  I’ve added a WordPress plug-in that grabs information from my Twitter stream to help me (and hopefully you as well) keep up with everything.  Look for the Weekly Wrap-Up: News You Can Use every Friday.

Weekly Wrap-Up News You Can UsePayroll

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Accounts Payable


  • @donnagunter “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu in reply to donnagunter ->
  • @KendaMorrison Keep learning new techniques and tactics – but don’t forget the value of common sense! #SmallBiz #YSBS in reply to KendaMorrison ->
  • Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.–Thomas Edison, American inventor
  • @SavvyBizBuilder Having your checklist in advance – follow the steps or tasks one by one only working on that thing until you are done.

Certified Payroll & Prevailing Wage

  • ARCHIVE:: Government stimulus projects include prevailing wage requirements https://t.co/pD3ILThF ->
  • ARCHIVE:: Construction Workers on “stimulus” projects will receive prevailing wages https://t.co/12lxPnKV ->
  • ARCHIVE:: Certified Payroll Reports – Learn how to fill them out https://t.co/Dkflvo5Z ->
  • Learn about Certified Payroll reporting requirements – live 2 hour webinar $89.00, more info https://t.co/G4hQ3Y5A ->
  • ARCHIVE:: Certified Payroll Reports – Learn how to fill them out https://t.co/Dkflvo5Z ->
  • Use #QuickBooks? Frustrated by the built-in certified #payroll report? Check out https://t.co/oBdiBSBm ->
  • Certified Payroll – Employees, 1099 Workers & Subcontractors https://t.co/TOtkdZcV
  • ARCHIVE:: Certified Payroll Training Guide https://t.co/uAuHVlon ->
  • ARCHIVE:: Payroll Tip – Davis Bacon Wages & Holiday Pay https://t.co/syWibXeN ->
  • ARCHIVE:: California Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll and Payroll Frequency https://t.co/PgipkNCm ->
  • ARCHIVE:: Frequently Asked Questions – California Prevailing Wage https://t.co/X77WJi8D ->
  • ARCHIVE:: What happens when a contractor fails to pay prevailing wages and submit certified payroll reports? https://t.co/a8n4Q1iA ->


Organization & Productivity

Small Business

Accounts Receivable

  • #QuickBooks How to Calculate & Display Retainage on an AIA G-702/G-703 https://t.co/6ByzuhZE ->
  • Learn About AIA Billing & How To Fill Out an AIA G-702/G-703 https://t.co/pjQtM8vc
  • Use #QuickBooks? Need to complete #AIA G-702/G-703 billing? Check out https://t.co/TxLDHXVM ->
  • ARCHIVE:: Retainage & Final Payment – New Law in Arizona https://t.co/Tx8vKFul ->




  • @TomUrtis Tips For #Excel: Number in A1 = feet, example 319, convert to “26 feet, 7 inches”. =INT(A1/12)&” feet, “&MOD(A1,12)&” inches” in reply to TomUrtis ->


QuickBooks 3rd Party Integrated Applications

  • eCC Cloud is finally here! =) Try our free trial. #QuickBooks #cloud #ecc v3 #QuickBooks Online in reply to webgility ->
  • How to skip duplicate transactions with matching reference numbers using Transaction Pro Impo… https://t.co/Iolo8hDK via @TransactionPro ->

Website & Blog Creation

  • Cheat Sheet of the Anatomy of a WordPress Theme #infographic – #WordPress #Theme https://t.co/DBjZrOIF
  • Top five SEO tips for WordPress https://t.co/0YeMz9FQ in reply to TotalTraining ->
  • Is Your Firm’s Website Leaving A Bad First Impression? – https://t.co/5aqxZZqH ->