Weekly Wrap-Up: News You Can Use 4/27-5/3/2012


There is so much news and information floating around the web – it’s difficult (at best) to keep up!  I’ve added a WordPress plug-in that grabs information from my Twitter stream to help me (and hopefully you as well) keep up with everything.  Look for the Weekly Wrap-Up: News You Can Use every Friday

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Social Media & Marketing

  • 5 secrets of getting free publicity – Sales Machine https://t.co/EnSnoaO6 via @CBSNews ->
  • Google Penguin | Why you shouldn’t over-SEO | Wordtracker https://t.co/QfmIAxbF via @wordtracker ->
  • Google Plus Circles – Where the Magic Happens https://t.co/cvLIwFbR via @rogerhoyt ->
  • 5 Ways to Give Your Marketing a Lift – RainToday: https://t.co/82L8gP98 ->
  • Why You Need a Custom #Facebook Fan Page Design – Your business can greatly benefit from one… https://t.co/RaEIz5Z5 in reply to brandgraphics ->
  • How to Promote Your Website: A Common Sense Approach https://t.co/Sr8H6gl3 ->
  • Google Plus – It’s All About the Fundamentals https://t.co/iC3PaNlB via @rogerhoyt ->
  • Schedule Tweets: 5 Tips to Master BufferApp | Social Media Sun https://t.co/dgEyxMJP via @etelligence in reply to writerlisamason ->
  • Get Plugged in to Google Analytics: The New Listening Tool For Soci… https://t.co/meRez1OV
  • RT @brandgraphics Embed Tweets in #Wordpress With New Shortcode – Ever want to embed tweets in WordPress … https://t.co/TMtOxdEF in reply to brandgraphics ->
  • RT @SavvyBizBuilder Your ISP may block your emails. If you are sending large amounts of email from your regular mail using Outlook. in reply to SavvyBizBuilder ->
  • RT @SavvyBizBuilder If someone repeatedly receives messages from you they did not request, they could mark each message they see as SPAM. in reply to SavvyBizBuilder ->
  • RT @KendaMorrison The Problem with Gateway Content: It Should Still Pack Value Even If It’s Free – https://t.co/seP695i3 in reply to KendaMorrison ->


  • Image of the Day – Squirrel Cleaning Foot https://t.co/EEJGzSW8 via @rogerhoyt ->
  • Why would you want to sleep when you could get up and feed me? in reply to CatFoodBreath ->
  • Image of the Day – Eagle Spread https://t.co/5f755p3Y via @rogerhoyt ->
  • RT @CatFoodBreath Go ahead and yell at me for knocking things off the table. I can go shred something instead. Your choice. in reply to CatFoodBreath ->
  • RT @CatFoodBreath cat haiku: Natural fibers/ Wear from head to toe daily/ Go hug your kitty. in reply to CatFoodBreath ->
  • Proper Fishing attire for women – circa 1900, in Bangor, Maine https://t.co/5ieVsmUS in reply to i80equipment ->