Computer Tech to Weekend Yard Warrior – With Pictures


I thought that I’d do something a little different today, truthfully I get tired of living, breathing, and talking QuickBooks and payroll – because I do it EVERY DAY!  I work with computers all the time and usually don’t have too much of an issue until the weather get’s nice — then I become a weekend yard warrior.

I love to garden – flowers, vegetables, fruit – I love to be outside and during the summer I spend far less time in front of my computer and far more time in my yard – that means fewer blog posts, fewer interactions on the social media networks that I’m involved in.  Winters in Vermont can be long and cold and unfortunately I can’t garden in the snow!

So today I thought I’d share another part of my life with you.  Our house sits on 33 1/2 acres of land, Ben and I mow roughly 3 acres every week  (the rest is wooded) – this is part of our front yard and our gardens:

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Now to the gardens — I have 4 big perennial flower gardens, this is the biggest one – it’s 85 feet long and 6 feet wide and runs the entire length of the front of the house!

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This one wraps around 2 sides of our deck

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This is the vegetable garden with strawberries on one side and a row of blueberry bushes on the other – there are a bunch of apple trees and 3 big raspberry beds as well.

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I think it’s going to be a really good year for blueberries!  This is just one small branch from one of our smaller bushes

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So now you have an idea of where I disappear to when the weather starts getting nice and why I abandon my computer to become a weekend yard warrior!

Hope you all have had a wonderful week and have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Computer Tech to Weekend Yard Warrior – With Pictures

  • ruby

    That is a HUGE yard to mow Nancy. Love the garden and the view – and I can imagine it’s quiet too.

  • Hi Melanie
    I’m so glad that you enjoy this blog! Yes, work does get in the way more often than I like to admit (especially once the weather starts getting nice)! Hope all is well with you 🙂

  • Melanie Morgan

    Thank you so much for sharing this blog! I am rather jealous of the beautiful view that you have each day, and I can imagine that work gets in the way more often than you’d like. Dream big, smell the flowers, eat the fresh fruit and veggies, and just relax…

  • Thanks Annie 🙂 I just love my yard. Some mornings find me at 5 a.m. on the deck with the laptop and a coffee working on a blog post LOL. Just wanted to let you folks know that I am human and that NOT every breathing moment is about QuickBooks and computers! I will definitely take a look at your gardening blog (thanks for sharing the link). I’m hoping to have a REALLY good tomato harvest this year – I’m out of homemade sauce!

  • Nancy,
    Your property and garden are amazing! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself in addition to all the wonderful QB’s and construction knowledge you share.

    I don’t have a QB’s blog, but I am an avid gardener myself and have a gardening blog, though it is a bit past due for a new post due to being busy with work, here it is if you want to take a peak.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Annie Kendrick

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