Creating a Simple Invoice for Taxable & Non-Taxable Items

6 thoughts on “Creating a Simple Invoice for Taxable & Non-Taxable Items

  • Keith, I tend to agree with you – and the method that you describe is usually the one that I recommend myself. Unfortunately, there is not just one correct way – that would really make life easy now wouldn’t it?

  • Keith Gormezano

    Personally, I think it would be easier for most customers if you simple broke up each item (labor or materials), listed them separately or a a group item with individual items printed, and indicated which was taxable and which was not. You could even say it in the description.

    Then the customer can do the math themselves and check what the sales tax is for.

    That is what I would advise my Seattle clients that I set up, review, train, help, and support in using their QuickBooks software.

  • Hi Jennifer, if this still confuses your customers there are a couple of other methods that will make them happy, but unfortunately cause you more work 🙂 Sometimes it’s just so hard to please everyone!

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