Wage Restitution and Certified Payroll Revisions

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  • Sarah
    I’m sorry, I don’t have one anymore.
    You could do a “form letter” in QuickBooks, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Something like this would probably work:

    RE: (Project or Project Names)

    I, (employee name & address), do hereby acknowledge receipt of prevailing wage restitution in the amount of $XXX.XX MINUS applicable taxes from (company name & address).

    The details of this wage restitution are as follows (provide a detailed explanation):
    • On (date) I worked (X) hours @ $(rate paid) and should have been paid (correct wage)

    My signature below constitutes receipt of $(amount of restitution) MINUS applicable taxes in restitution from (company name)

  • Jamie, on the Certified Payroll report, when it involves wage restitution it should be showing 10 hours at the original incorrect rate AND 10 hours at the restitution rate to prove wage restitution.

  • Jamie

    Thank you for this article it is very helpful. I do however have one other question about this. How do you pay restitution to an employee for a previous time period without doubling the hours for the employee. For example if I owe an employee $2 per hour for 10 hours. Would I have to issue a new check for and additional 10 hours and now that employee will show up in reports and on the certified payroll as having 20 hours. Hope this makes sense. Thank you. Jamie

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