Pardon the mess on the QuickBooks for Contractors blog

pardon_our_messIf you are arriving here between February 12 and quite possibly right up until the 18th – I apologize for the disarray.  I’m working on rebranding and revamping our blog and it’s just gotten to the point that I need to work on the “real thing” and not locally on my computer in a test environment.

I have to admit, it’s quite a challenge to optimize your website for mobile devices — when you don’t own one!  Where we live we have no cell phone coverage…..that’s right I said NO cell phone coverage –just repeating this in case you think it could be a typo 🙂 so I don’t have a smart phone.  Thankfully, I’ve had the help of a couple of really wonderful folks who will pull up the sites and let me know how they look.  So my thanks to Janis (my sister-in-law) and James (our customer) for all your help!

In the meantime, please feel free to poke around, there are a lot of QuickBooks tips, tricks, and techniques.

2 thoughts on “Pardon the mess on the QuickBooks for Contractors blog

  • Hi Tom
    I agree, most people couldn’t stand our lack of cell phone coverage – but our situation is slightly different. Our business requires us to be here in our office and not on the road. If the nature of our business was different I probably wouldn’t be very happy about it either. Oh, we do have a pre-paid cell for those times that we are on business trips 🙂

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