– A New Resource for Contractors

Diane Dennis of Monk and DBug, LLC,  known as “Diane at” since 1999, is launching a new website and newsletter focused on making life easier for contractors –

resources for contractorsThis is Diane’s 4th in a series of construction-related websites, all of which focus on providing information that her readers specifically have requested.

Each newsletter from is made to keep up with the busy contractor rather than slow him down, because it:

  • is designed to be read in 5-10 minutes
  • has one article (written by an industry expert) answering reader’s questions
  • provides practical solutions for contractors to increase their income (and efficiency) while decreasing their hassles

Early on in Diane’s contracting career, she learned that there was painfully little information available for contractors.  Now she feels the exact opposite it true.  There’s too much information, some of which isn’t really accurate, so much so that it’s virtually impossible for a busy contractor to find time to wade through it all and find reliable and practical solutions that will lessen their hassles and increase their income.

I’m thrilled to announce that Diane will become a “regular” guest blogger here on the QuickBooks for Contractors blog and super excited that she has asked me to be her “QuickBooks Expert” for her latest venture.

Diane has put together a free gift for joining the’s newsletter called “Thrive in Today’s Contracting World” which contains an exclusive collection of articles written by industry experts, consisting of several short, quick-to-read articles answering various questions from her current subscriber base.  Anyone interested in obtaining the information provided in “Thrive in Today’s Contracting World” should visit and sign up, after all you can never have too many resources in your business toolbox!

We’ll be launching the first in a series of articles on Conditional and Unconditional Lien Waiver/Release Forms for Progress and Final Payments this coming week, written by Diane.  This will be a 5-part series, with an article published every other week.  Stay tuned.

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