New Product Announcement: QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility

We are very excited to announce the release of our newest software program – the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility!

IIF logoNecessity is often the “Mother of Invention”, it’s why all of our software programs have been created.  We often find ourselves in a situation where we encounter a repetitive task that just screams for the need of automation.

I’m fairly certain that the following story will hit home with many QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Consultants:

A customer or ours recently hired me to help him start a brand new QuickBooks Enterprise file – his old one was so corrupt that even Intuit Data Repair couldn’t fix it and it couldn’t be opened/upgraded by the new version of QuickBooks Enterprise that he wanted to use in his company.  The file contained nearly 10 years of data – some properly recorded and some that he wasn’t so sure about.  The company was coming up on the start of a new fiscal accounting year and he wanted to start that year with a clean fresh file – with data that he knew was accurate.  He also wanted to cleanup and streamline many of his companies day to day processes. – and he wanted me to help him accomplish ALL of this.

Now we all know that there are a ton of add-on programs out there that will help us work with QuickBooks data when it’s time to create a new company file – heck even Intuit provides some very good utilities that are built right into QuickBooks – but sometimes these utilities just aren’t enough and can’t perform miracles on a very corrupt data file.

For years Intuit has provided a means of exporting many QuickBooks Lists into IIF files so that they could be imported into a new empty file – but none of the 3rd party applications or even Intuit- has provided us with a way to remove inactive list items from the IIF files and we’ve been stuck doing it manually – deleting one item at a time.

Now, my husband Ben (who writes all of the code for our software) is always saying to me:

If you have any sort of repetitive task that you need to do – I can automate it for you.

So, I took him up on the offer!  He looked at an exported IIF file and said “how do you tell when an item is inactive”?  And I said, well, when I do it manually, I scroll though the IIF file, searching through the “Hidden” column for anything that has a “Y” in it.

inactive items in an iif file
This is just a sample of an IIF file with inactive items

Oh, he says – that’s easy —- I can write you a little program that does the same thing – only faster and a lot quicker!  Yes, folks there are a LOT of reasons that I love this man!

So I went to work cleaning up our customer’s file – making all of the list items that he wanted removed inactive and Ben went to coding!  When he was through writing the code we did a test run using the Other Names List – there were probably 100 “names” in the Other Names list and all that we wanted to keep was about a dozen for some internal job costing procedures.  The inactive items were removed in less time than it took me to export the list!  Imagine my delight – a clean IIF file in minutes and one that I didn’t have to worry over if I missed anything!

Here is a sample of a "clean" IIF file
Here is a sample of a “clean” IIF file

So, we’ve cleaned it up – made it a little prettier (but not a lot) and are now ready to make it available to other QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Consultants who do this same type of “clean-up” work so that you can automate this grueling task as well.  Want to see it in action?  Click here to learn more and to watch a short video.

Introductory Pricing – through 12/31/2013:

  • Single license – install on 1 computer:  $50.00
  • Two licenses – install on 2 computers: $90.00
  • Five licenses – install on 5 computers: $200.00

To learn more about the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility – visit the following links on our main website: