Sunburst’s Weekly Wrap-Up of Popular Posts 11/16-11/22/2013

Here at Sunburst, we specialize in QuickBooks for the construction industry – and we have an incredible amount of information between our three QuickBooks related websites; so much so that sometimes people are overwhelmed – I know I am in trying to keep it all straight!

Below is a list of the most popular posts and pages from the Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. family of QuickBooks related websites according to AddThis tracking stats.

most popularFrom the QuickBooks for Contractors blog:

  1. QuickBooks Year-End Tip – Tracking 1099 & W-9 Information
  2. Cleaning Up Your QuickBooks file at Year End
  3. QuickBooks 2013 Upgrade Do’s, Don’ts & Frequent Questions
  4. QuickBooks Payroll Tip – Tracking Employee Advances or Loans
  5. Using Account Numbers in your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts
  6. Calculating & Displaying Fringe Benefits on a Certified Payroll Report
  7. QuickBooks Tip – Job Costing Starts With A Simple Item
  8. QuickBooks Tip – Determining Cost of Goods Sold
  9. QuickBooks 2014 is available, When Should I Upgrade – Q & A
  10. How To Turn On and Use Manual Payroll in QuickBooks

From the Learn to Use QuickBooks in your construction business website:

  1. eBook:  Learn About AIA Billing & How To Fill Out an AIA G-702/G-703
  2. Bounced Checks – Everybody Hates Them – BUT, How Do You Handle Them In QuickBooks?
  3. Employee New Hire Information & Checklist
  4. Important Facts About Items Left as “Billable” in QuickBooks
  5. VIDEO:  QuickBooks 2014 – Payroll Center Improvements
  6. Payroll, Bookkeeping & Accounting Task Checklist
  7. eBook:  Certified Payroll Training Guide
  8. Project Information Worksheet
  9. eBook:  Getting Equipment Costs in QuickBooks Job Costing Reports
  10. FAQ – Upgrading QuickBooks eBook

From the main Sunburst Website:

  1. VIDEO:  How Does Certified Payroll Solution Work?
  2. What Is a Certified Payroll Report?  How Do I Complete One?
  3. Certified Payroll Solution for QuickBooks
  4. VIDEO:  How Does Construction Application for Payment Solution Work?
  5.  What is an AIA G-702 & G-703?  How Do I complete one?
  6. Application for Payment Solution – QuickBooks
  7. Certified Payroll Requirements by State
  8. Certified Payroll Training Webinar
  9. 80040408 – Could not Start QuickBooks
  10. QuickBooks Integrated Application Error Codes & Resolutions

Have you checked out these pages, posts and videos?  What’s your favorite article or post on our website?