QuickBooks Tip: How to find “Notes” after an Upgrade

4 thoughts on “QuickBooks Tip: How to find “Notes” after an Upgrade

  • Emma
    First let me apologize for the delay – your comment ended up in the Spam section (and I’ve been quite behind in reviewing that). I hope you found a solution to your problem by now. If you haven’t, play around with the “view” options and customize your columns to include the Ship To Address – this will of course mean that you have to have shipping information in the Address tab of the Customer Record.

  • Emma

    Is there a way to make them visible like before??
    we cannot click through the noted everytime…
    We need to have important shipping information right their in the customer center, front and center!!!
    We will have a big fall out of mistakes if there is not a way to fix this…
    Please help!

  • I love the notes feature as well. I use notes primarily on customers to keep track of important milestones and correspondence as I hate searching through Outlook for this sort of info.

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