Is Managing QuickBooks Purchase Orders Driving You Insane?

2 thoughts on “Is Managing QuickBooks Purchase Orders Driving You Insane?

  • Thanks Annie 🙂

    Your comments are right on target as well. Establishing a relationship with the vendors is really important, especially someone in the Vendors A/R department – after all they want to be paid! Online portals are awesome too – but not everyone has them.

  • Nice answer Nancy! I also recommend that you “train” the vendors. If they want your business they will learn to cooperate by faxing and emailing their invoices immediately after material has been picked up so it can be booked in QuickBooks. Establishing a relationship with one or two people at the vendor site and thanking them constantly for their cooperation can go a long way. Also, more and more vendors have online portals to keep up with your purchase orders and invoices, utilize them whenever possible.

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