Business Apps Shouldn’t Be THAT Hard to Use – Free Webinar

business appsNew software and apps are introduced weekly, designed to make life easier for the small business owner. Most are very powerful, but many find they don’t always do everything their business needs–or don’t do it well. Instead of working faster and more efficiently, some business owners spend more time re-entering data or sitting in a help desk chat room.

They will identify some of the more efficient and effective apps and software that can help small businesses with fine-tuning strategy to automating aspects of inventory management to paying the vendor on-time, and more. Most are either free or reasonably priced.

During this webinar we will be discussing:

  • –
  • Shoeboxed
  • FreshBooks
  • TSheets
  • Qbox
  • QXpress

This webinar is presented by Kimberly Shannon, President, Off-Site Business Services, Nancy Smyth, President, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc., and Shamese Shular, President, SHU Books.

Register today – even if you can’t make it as the webinar will be recorded and made available –


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