Why Does the IRS Want to Audit My QuickBooks File?

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If you are reading this article then it is likely that you or your client has received a request to submit a QuickBooks file in conjunction with an IRS Audit or an audit by another government agency. The Internal Revenue Service started this new level of enforcement in 2010 in which their agents are now requiring the actual accounting database (be it QuickBooks or another accounting software) as a part of the audit process. Certainly, government revenue departments can use information to gather any sort of data relevant to an audit. In my role in helping clients prepare their files for submission to these governmental agencies I have noticed some patterns in what the IRS seems to be looking into and I wish to share that with you here. Improper…
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Avoid the Intuit Up Sell Machine

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Recently, many ProAdvisors and QuickBooks customers alike, have been complaining because the standard reply whenever you talk to QuickBooks Support is, "you need to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise", as if QuickBooks Enterprise could part the Red Sea, should you need that in your accounting software. The practice has become almost comical and it highlights a true disconnect between Intuit actually hearing its clients in need of solutions versus their perceived opportunity to close another sale. First, a little background.  Microsoft attempted to compete directly with Intuit by introducing Microsoft Small Business Accounting Software in 2007.  In response, Intuit slashed its prices on the Pro product so that Microsoft couldn't beat them on cost at the low end.  Thus, Microsoft couldn't get a foothold in the market. The good news for…
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