Why QuickBooks Certification is Worthwhile in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Be A Better Bookkeeper, From Our Guest Bloggers
Intuit’s QuickBooks is the top managerial accounting program in the U.S.  Anyone can put QuickBooks on their resume, but offering potential employers tangible proof keeps job seekers relevant since those credentials reflect real-world job skills.  Becoming a QuickBooks Certified User verifies the certificate holder has the knowledge and skills necessary to use QuickBooks proficiently in a business setting without costly software training. About 60 years ago, bookkeepers worked for small local businesses or small firms and manually recorded entries in a large bound book.  For many years, it was commonplace for accountants to graduate from college or finish their training, and then spend the next 30 or 40 years at the same job.  Their employer paid for ongoing training, provided benefits and rewarded longevity. Then, the market changed.  Our financially…
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