QuickBooks Tip – How To Rebuild Your QuickBooks Data File

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This QuickBooks Tip provides instructions for how to rebuild your QuickBooks data file.  The rebuild function will help maintain the overall health of your file. Is your QuickBooks file very large?  Is it running slow?  Are you in a multi-user environment where 2 or more people are inputting a lot of information on a daily basis?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you would probably benefit from rebuilding your data file on a regular basis. The QuickBooks Rebuild Data function is like a cleaning lady.  When you access the rebuild function it looks at all of the information in your file and makes sure that it has been filed correctly.  Think of your desk, covered in piles of papers that need to be filed.  Before you actually…
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Backup – Times 3

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Everybody says it, but most people don’t really understand it until they need to restore some data they don’t have saved.  Only then does it sink in for most people.  Not that I’ve never lost anything, but when your job in college was rotating 9-track tapes to offsite locations for 20 hours a week for a bank, backup has been ingrained to my genes for longer than I can think.  One of the reasons DEC was my favorite operating system is that every time you saved your work, a copy was made, so unless you purged your old files, you could see the state of your work as it progressed and recover to any point in time you wanted.  Still to this day Windows hasn’t completely duplicated this built in…
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Synching data on two computers

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I seem to constantly be working on two computers. I usually work on my laptop in the wee hours of the morning at the comfort of my dining room table and then I come to the office to really start my day and work on the "big computer". The problem always had been on how to keep the two computers synched, not an easy task.  I was driving myself nuts using Window's "briefcase", but the folders that I store my most often used "stuff" were so big that "briefcase" didn't always do the trick. Low and behold, one day I'm reading the latest issue of PCWorld and there is a full page ad for a program called GoodSync (https://www.goodsync.com/). According to the article,  GoodSync was specifically designed to keep 2…
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