How To Complete a Certified Payroll Report

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With the bulk of the construction projects being funded with ARRA (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act OR Recovery Act) money; more and more contractors are making the leap from residential or commercial construction projects to government funded construction projects.While there is a lot of really good information out there on HOW to do business with the government and getting yourself into the government construction arena - the one thing that seems to be missing in preparing contractors for this type of work - is the simple fact that these jobs require the submission of a Weekly Certified Payroll Report.Almost anyone will tell you that completing a certified payroll report on a weekly basis is a time-consuming, error-prone, and frustrating task!The U.S. Department of Labor's Form WH-347 and WH-348 is one…
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U. S. Department of Labor Revises Certified Payroll Reporting Requirements for Form WH-347

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Effective January 18, 2009 Prime/General contractors and subcontractors who perform work on federally funded construction projects are no longer required to display the home address and social security numbers of employees on the certified payroll report form WH-347 that they submit; instead you are now required to display the employees full name and the last 4-digits of his/her social security number as follows XXX-XX-1234.  This revision was established to better protect worker privacy and identity theft. Given the new reporting requirements it would not be in violation of 29 CFR 5.5 (a)(3)(i) for a prime/general contractor to require a subcontractor to proved employee addresses and social security numbers for the prime/general contractors own records, without including this information in weekly submissions. The U.S. Department of Labor - Wage and Hour…
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New & Updated “Certified Payroll Solution” Audio/Video Training

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With all of the enhancements (new features, forms, functionality) that we've made to Certified Payroll Solution in the last 1/2 years - not to mention the release of the new Federal WH-347 Certified payroll report and reporting requirements.....I decided it was time to get off my duff and update some of our training videos. After nearly 4 days of screen capture, audio recording, and editing I'm happy to announce that two of the video's (totally a little over 1 hour of viewing time) are now available in the Certified Payroll Solution Training, Support & Resource Center - in the Free Training Category. The video's that have been updated are the "Certified Payroll Solution Initial Setup Video" and the "Running Certified Payroll Solution Video". Updated videos are available in their original…
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