Playing games….

"Stuff" that drives me insane
Most Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors (CQA), Intuit Solutions Providers (ISP), Enterprise Solutions Providers (ESP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), what-have-you's are really decent people---but the ones that drive me crazy are the ones that "play games". What do I mean by playing games?  Good question, let me explain! On our main website I'm pretty clear (ok BLUNT) about "How Sunburst Works with ProAdvisors, CPA's, etc."; as a matter of fact sometimes I feel I've been pretty harsh and really need to tone it down a bit.  Well every time I get to feeling like this, something like this happens: Ben, Linda, or I get an email or a phone call from one of these folks asking for a commission or referral fee for recommending our software.  We go through the "sorry, we…
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